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Baron Galaxy is a 2D run and gun with procedural generation inspired by classics like Metal Slug, Gunstar Heroes and Contra. The game offers a rapid run and gun experience with a solid combat and tight controls.

The universe is at war with the Gokhans. An aggressive Alien race who plans to take over most of the Universe one star at the time. The Gokhans it's a vast empire that has no allies but a lot of power.(Mainly because their quick reproduction and development to adult stage).

Baron is a mediocre mercenary in the Intergalactic Mercenaries Space Agency (IMSA), but he always dreamed of being a legendary mercenary among the stars.

Baron has a lot of friends in the IMSA, but the most important of them is Colt P., a robot that rebelled against his masters because he developed sentience and now he roams the universe like it's the wild west, but he trusts Baron because he is warm hearted (and it's not opaqued by his incompetent behaviour).

The IMSA doesn't care about politics but as everyone else they are also at war with the Gokhans, so they often incur on missions of sabotage and destroy of the Gokhans assets because it's a very profitable business in terms of selling gokhan weapons, and also to ensure that the universe is free for everyone.

Baron as a member of the agency is sent to various task, but as his incompetence is well know he is sent to minor or isolated task around the universe.

On one of these missions Baron uncovers the Gokhan's master plan on an isolated planet that could put the universe in entire danger, once he uncovers the truth he barely escapes from death on the planet and returns the agency HQ empty handed.

As expected, nobody believes him so it's up to Baron and his friends to uncover the Gokhans plans, stop them and save the universe.

Fast paced run and gun action that will keep the player over the edge of the seat

A player adjusted Difficulty Multiplier, this one is the core as the player gambles in each mission to test his abilities and gains bigger rewards to upgrade his arsenal.

*Detailed 16 bit era styled graphics

*Procedural levels that keep the game fresh and replayable

*Power up Combination that will let the player combine power ups for different weapons and effects

*Weapon Upgrades and Player Progression that will let the player upgrade his character and weapons to gain a better chance to engage in more difficult missions.

*Cooperative gameplay with different interaction between players, ranging from sharing ammo and weapons, combining special attacks, and supporting a totally broken experience of 4 players(2 players max recommended).

*Fight against the hive intelligence race of the Gokhans, who are invading every place know in the galaxy, they have a very eccentric way of doing war and most of them are completely reckless, so don't push back or they will take over galaxy and laugh at your attempt of saving the day.

The team behind the game development is formed by 3 people:

Diego Benítez: Director, Programmer, Sound Designer and Composer.

Freddy Pérez: Concept Designs,Sprites and Animation.

Juan Valdés: Programmer.

and additional members who contribuite to the game.

Francisca Painemal: Promotional Art.

Jake "The Voice" Parr: Voice actor from Gokhan's, Announcer, Colt P.

Tom Schalk: Voice actor from Baron.

You can follow us on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/implosivegames/

Or in Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/implosivegames/


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